We Built Bamboo Cloud To Help You Grow Your Business Online

Growing Businesses Online Since 2012

Since 2012 Bamboo Cloud have been empowering business owners to launch and grow their online businesses using video and applications.

From live streaming to video hosting, from fan hubs for sports teams to apps, websites, and more, you can do it yourself or with our support inside the Bamboo Cloud platform.

Whether you want to bring your brick-and-mortar business online, or want to start a fresh new venture from scratch, the possibilities are truly endless
with Bamboo Cloud.

Strong. Light. And flexible.

With you in mind, we built Bamboo Cloud to be strong, light, and flexible. So that getting your business up and running online is easy.


Robust to allow you to grow and scale your online business without limits. Yet easy to use and easy to maintain.


No need to download or install, Bamboo runs directly from your browser at the speed of the Internet. Without slowing you or your customers down.


Fully customizable, you can add your branding, colors, and different purpose-built features so it’s 100% uniquely yours.

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Your online content management system, Bamboo Basic lets you upload, manage, and share your video and audio content inside
a private, fully secure platform. Plus, it’s free forever.

See how easy it is to start running your online business with Bamboo Basic.

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Customize Your Platform With Add-Ons

When you’re ready to ramp up your online business, choose from the range of Add-On features, grouped together in suites to support your business model as you grow and scale.

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